Children and young people

We all welcome every child and young person into our homes and listen to them and take the time to allow them to feel as “at home” as they can. Each child and young person has 2 key workers who will take overall responsibility to ensure that their thoughts, hopes and desires are all listened to and that we then support them to be the best person they can be. Unqualified acceptance of them is an absolute requirement and then to ensure we respect their decisions and listen to their voices so they are heard and understood. This is achieved at many levels from one to ones to the Children’s meetings that are set by and ran by the children and young people on a wide variety of topics.


We understand that in order for them be all that they can be they need the adults and carers around them to be at their optimum and working to their strengths. We want to value the carers to allow them to be in the optimum state to do their best work with the young people.

We use a system devised by a company called “Value the Person” who assist each member of staff to complete an analytical survey to assess their top 5 Strengths and then each member of staff has a one to one session with the expert from “Value the Person” for them to explore the findings to fully understand how this affects how they work and their interactions with others.

We also then take this to the next level where every member of staff takes the time to learn and understand the respective strengths of their fellow workers and to then discuss with each other how to best work with each other to respect each other’s strengths and where some may need some support.

This takes away any perceived criticism or judgement between staff on teams and assists them to all work intuitively with each other which is so important when working with such challenged and challenging children.

They need to see that staff are all working in sync and as a team – this allows them to feel safe and supported which is so often missing from their early lives.