Children and young people

Telepathy is not something that we expect from any of our children and young people! With so many changes in their lives and different people involved on a day to day basis it is key that we are very clear with them as to how we do things in Cairn Mhor and what is expected for and from them on a daily basis.

We have a children’s hand book and we have regular Children’s meetings to agree any items that the children and young people want. We operate Reward charts and it is made very clear what the goal is for each chart. Staff are all trained in their use of language and making themselves clear when talking with the children and young people. The daily Reflective accounts are all set out very clearly by staff for the child/young person to read and then comment on as to their feelings and learnings.

We have a close working relationship with Who Cares? Scotland who visit our children and young people regularly to sometimes just chat about how things are and sometimes to help with ensuring that the children and young people are assisted in making sure that their feelings are made clear to all the professionals involved in their lives.


Staff are trained to be both informative and also reflective in their written work. This is achieved by being concise and clear in their communication and this is regularly overseen by Managers. We have weekly team meetings so that all staff are up to date with any developments and in particular how each child is faring. We have monthly full team meetings where all staff are kept up to date on the bigger projects that the company is carrying out and future plans. Again this all ensures that all staff are clear about what the Company’s plans are and where they are to play their part. There is a quarterly newsletter that goes to all staff which brings together news on a wide variety of topics including news on how children or young people who have moved on and how they are faring.

At each internal meeting there is a standing agenda item where all present will speak about how they have seen our Values being used in our daily practice. This really helps build a clear picture for staff as to all the good work that everyone is doing and also where sometimes we have forgotten to use our Values and how this has then meant we have perhaps not got the best outcome we could have had.