Discover and develop

Children and young people

As we all know children and young people change and develop on a daily basis and our staff are all trained to use their reflective practices to notice these changes and the strengths of each child and young person. When it can be seen that there is something in particular that a child or young person really wants to try out then we will do all we can to ensure they get the opportunity to try it out. It is equally important that we then support them to continue in whatever it is so that they develop that skill.


As you have read we have invested a lot in assisting our staff to understand their potential. Our appraisals and supervision sessions all work around looking at how each member of staff reflects how they are using their strengths and supporting them to identify areas where they may need to develop. This is reviewed on a very regular basis – supervision may even be weekly if extra support is required and appraisals all happen annually with 6 month review.