Glenlyon is our biggest house and has accommodation for five children and young people. It is situated in the seaside town of Leven. The children and young people attend local schools, clubs and activities. Walks along the beach are always enjoyed along with the many other attractions that a seaside town has to offer. It is a well presented and welcoming house.

The house has five bedrooms two of which are en-suite. There is a shower room and a bathroom and the dining/living room lends itself to group play and activities and is the hub of the house where everyone likes to congregate. There is a large enclosed garden where children and young people enjoy growing vegetables as well as playing football, basketball and other outdoor activities. There is a well-equipped basement room for arts and crafts, video games, books and toys. This room is available for children and young people to have friends around to play, if they wish to be separate from the main activities going on in the house. It is also available for families to have contact, where they can spend time together, do activities or share a meal.

The staff team comprises of a House Manager, Senior Care Worker, 10 Care Workers, Housekeeper and Cook. As with the other houses the team offers a high standard of day to day care of the children and young people and encourage a “family” atmosphere. The high level of ratio of staff means that each child and young person gets the attention they need and staff work very hard to ensure that each child feels valued and loved. We encourage the children and young people to respect each other and staff and support them in finding and developing their potential.



32 Glenlyon Road, Leven, Fife, KY8 4AA


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