Independent living group

This Group of workers specifically look at making sure that each and every child/young person has a plan as to how they are going to grow and develop to allow them to be all they can be once they leave Cairn Mhor.  This includes practical things such as understanding benefits, rights etc but also helping them build their independent living skills egg budgeting, cooking, washing and managing public transport. Full plans are agreed with each child/young person as to what they want to work on and this is reviewed regularly to see how progress is going and to plan for the next steps. We look for work experience for those children approaching leaving education to ensure that they have a “feel” for the type of career they may want.

We have a saying that “once a Cairn Mhor Child always a Cairn Mhor Child” so the team will agree with each child/young person before they leave us as to how we will keep in touch and what we can offer by way of support. Most importantly they are allocated a specific individual who will be their “contact” once they leave to that they are clear who will be their “special” person who they can get in touch with when they need and also for that person to also actively check in with them to see how they are getting on.