Cairn Mhor

A Poem by Melissa

Although we are not their parents
We care for them each and every day
All of us at Cairn Mhor
Are one big family

Each one of us is important
As we help them learn and grow
Into amazing young people
The ones we all know
We cuddle, sing and read
And watch them as they play
We tuck them into bed at night
And listen to what they say
No we may not be their parents
But our role is just as strong
We give them nurture, keep them safe
Even if it’s not for long

We are all caring people
With lots and lots of patience
So when they are in need of support
We can offer them some guidance

Life has ups and downs
From the good times and the bad
We will always be there for them
Whether they are happy or sad

One day the time will come
When we will all have to part
But for every child we care for

They will always be in our heart

Our organisation now employs over 40 staff and has developed an excellent reputation for providing high-quality therapeutic care in a caring, homely environment. Social Work students and volunteers enhance the lives of the children/young people.

All our staff are qualified or undergoing training and have extensive childcare experience. They are highly motivated to assist children/ young people reach their full potential by providing a high quality of care to them at a time when such resources are at a minimum.

Care of the children/young people is provided by a team of well-qualified staff, the majority of whom are qualified with the remainder completing professional training. The range of qualifications held by the staff team include Social Work, HNC and SVQIII. We have a high ratio of staff to children/young people.

All our staff:-

  • Aim to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment in order to help the child/ young person thrive throughout their time with us.

  • Are on hand to care, support, plan and carry out focused work to meet the needs and requirements of the individual, alongside trying to broaden the child’s/ young person’s opportunities by supporting them in trying hobbies, activities and clubs.
  • Strive to maintain good links with families, social workers and other agencies involved with the children’s/ young people’s care.
  • Contribute to providing a holistic approach to meeting the needs of our children/ young people.
  • Are committed to providing the highest level of care possible.
  • Continuously monitor and review feedback from young people, parents, social workers and others involved to ensure this happens.