Children and young people

A key value to all of us at Cairn Mhor is understanding that children and young people, particularly those who are “Looked after Children”, all need time and space to grow and develop both as individuals and also to build relationships with those caring for them. We know that it may take years for them to gain the confidence to believe sufficiently in themselves to be able to form meaningful attachments with others and to allow them to look beyond being in care.

We know there is no “quick fix” for the majority of the children and young people and that what they need the most is the consistent care and love from those they are in contact with however challenging their behaviour may be. We do not judge the behaviour but look beyond to the human being and their fears and hopes and to think about how we can overcome the fears and achieve their hopes.


All staff are encouraged to support each other in their practice and the teams all have a good understanding of each other’s strengths and areas they may feel more uncomfortable with and then take the time to think about how they can practically support each other. This takes patience to listen and understand each other.